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Band Bios

Tani Layne / Richard Fendley / Chain Onorato / Joe Sherman / Kelly Hannan

Tani Layne
Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards

I began singing almost at birth and have won several vocal awards.  I was selected to perform with the EBRP All-Parish Choir for two years in a row in Jr. Hi School.  I then went on to join local band ďReaperĒ during college.  Joining the Weekend Warriors program was the avenue for meeting up with fellow Secret Ingredient band-mates, Joe, Kelly, and Richard.  I sing with the Baton Rouge Symphony Chorus and study voice under Terry Patrick Harris.  My tastes range from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Metallica, rock, blues, and classical.  Besides aspiring to be more like my idol, Robert Plant, I try my hand at various other instruments, keyboard, guitar, and percussion, whenever I can.


I started playing guitar at 10-years-old, first lessons were classical music.  In high school, I got into Rock and Roll and played in several garage bands, which lasted into college.  I gave up music for several years while pursuing a modeling career and competing in olympic weightlifting.  Then one day, after I had settled into a quiet professional life, an advertisement calling all former rockers to join the Weekend Warriors caught my eye.  There I immediately hooked up with fellow guitarist, Joe, and drummer, Kelly.  During our performance, I was awed by a female who could do everything from Robert Plant to Alanis Morisette.  The rest is Secret Ingredient history.  My love for the guitar was forever re-ignited.  My favorite guitarist is Buddy Guy, who pours out more soul from his instrument than anyone Iíve ever heard (and his tone!).  With my six-string doing the driving, I travel to my destiny with Secret Ingredient as far as the Rock and Roll highway will take us.

Richard Fendley
lead guitar, vocals


Chain Onorato
bass guitar

I started playing bass about 4 years ago after my younger brother got a guitar.  I joined Secret Ingredient about a year ago, after their original bass player left the band.  Some of my influences are Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parliament, Primus, and Graham Central Station.


I started playing guitar about 3 years ago just to relax.  Decided to go to Zeaglerís Weekend Warriors where I met Kelly and Richard and saw Tani, who was in another band that had signed up.  I work in sales for Goodyear and dream of playing at the SuperDome as the main band.  I like rock, mostly aggressive newer stuff, and would most like to play like Gary Myrick, the most stillin guitar I have seen.

Joe Sherman
rhythm guitar



Kelly Hannan

I grew up listening to what would become classic rock of the 70ís and 80ís.  Artists including Bad Company, Aerosmith (the early version!), the Eagles and Led Zeppelin were frequently blaring from my 8-track player.  After stints in bands in my native New Orleans in the late 70ís, I put away my drums for over 15 years until hooking up with two of the current members of Secret Ingredient in a Baton Rouge music store promotion.  I re-acquired the first drum set I originally got in 1973 and play them today.

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